Who We Are

Just as we desire to get to know who our dogs’ new families will be,
you may be interested in who we are as well.

First and most importantly, we are born again Christians.
We make mistakes everyday of our lives but know we are forgiven and love the Lord for what He has done for us in Jesus Christ.

"I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me."  (John 14:16)

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Of course, there are the dogs!
Dogs have always been a part of our lives,
and we love them.

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A little bit more about ourselves:

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Robert graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation. He began working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1983 for the Agricultural Research Service at an experiment station in west central Arkansas.

While employed by the ARS, Robert took a leave of absence and worked for the U.S. Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service on the North Slope Bird Habitat Study in northern Alaska.

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After working for six years for the ARS, he transferred to the U.S. Forest Service and moved to Wrangell, Alaska. He worked as a timber cruiser, wildlife technician and then as a wildlife biologist on the Wrangell District of the Tongass National Forest.

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He left government service in 1993 and began working toward establishing the business that we now own and operate.

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Kiply graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science and began working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Forest Service, on the Wrangell District of the Tongass National Forest.
She worked in the Wildlife Department as wildlife technician and then transferred to the recreation department where, among other duties, she served as an interpreter for tourists who were visiting a developed bear observatory on the Wrangell District.

Since then, Kiply has enjoyed working in various other environments (i.e., hospital, vet clinic, restaurant, & elementary schools). She is now full time at our kennel.

We have two boys, Noah and Caleb, who help tremendously in socializing the dogs.
They also help with the daily chores, when enough parental persuasion is exercised.

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Having our small kennel has been such a gift in so many ways.
The dogs we get to live and work with, the people we get to meet and know, and the endless things we learn on a daily basis are all more than we could have hoped for.

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We do enjoy training and shooting over our dogs.
They enrich our lives at home and in the fields and marshes.
We hope they do the same for you.
Try to remember to train with kindness and treasure the time you have with them.

And if I have prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith so that I can move mountains,
but do not have love, I am nothing.

1 Corinthians 13:2