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Started Dogs

We offer a limited number of started dogs per year.

Our started dogs are steady and deliver to hand. They are obedient, on and off lead, and will hunt on land and water. They will stop to the whistle and have learned casting, among other things (multiple marks and rudimentary blinds). Our training program is not centered around a device; we do not use electronic collars. We focus on the relationship between the dog and handler.

british labrador training

Your dog will be well socialized. We effectively accomplish this by including the dogs in our daily lives. Your dog will be completely accustomed to gunfire and be a steady retriever who delivers birds to hand.

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We believe a started dog from our kennel will perform at a level that will meet or exceed your expectations if you are seriously looking for a gundog who will be a true hunting partner.

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We request you pick up your started pup or dog in person, even if it means you have to travel some distance to do so. We believe it is most beneficial to you, and your new hunting partner, to come to our kennel in person to meet each other. The ideal situation is one in which you can spend a day with us and your dog. This allows us to demonstrate, in person, what your dog’s capabilities are and also provides the opportunity for you to witness and be involved in your dog’s transition.

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Please contact us on the availability of our started dogs or started pups.

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"A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast..." Proverbs 12:10a